Luke Jerram presents Museum of the Moon and Gaia (UK)


Channel your inner spaceman and get up close and personal with this incredible 7-metre-wide suspended replica of Earth’s celestial satellite, made from high resolution NASA images, where each centimetre is equivalent to 5 kilometres (approx. 1: 500,000 scale).

Catch some of our street performers under the moon, or simply take a seat on the grass and get lost in space…

Gaia provides an opportunity to gawp at our own planet, floating in three dimensions, a view only astronauts usually get to see. 1.8 million times smaller than the real earth, with each centimetre of this illuminated sculpture depicting 18 kilometres of the earth’s surface, this is a rare chance to study our planet in detail and feel the wonder of looking back on earth from space.

By standing 211m (230 yards) away from it people can see the Earth as it appears from the Moon.

Enjoy Luke Jerram at Joondalup Festival 2019