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Memories are shared by telling stories. This workshop encourages seniors to share their stories with young people.

Story telling provides a sense of self and an understanding of the complexities of a person and their lived experiences. These stories transmitted to younger generations enable an important preservation as they can become a treasured source of cultural heritage.

Seniors are invited to share their stories of their lived experiences in the area. These stories will inspire the design of the mural.

The stories would be 5-10 minutes long and could include topics like – tales of growing up in the neighbourhood; attending the local primary school; encounters at the local beach; family and career; adventures; perspectives on life.

Young people are also invited to this workshop where they will have the opportunity to listen to the stories, take notes, and possibly create sketches.

For further information call  9400 4751.

This event is part of the Whitford Library Mural Project with Sioux Tempest. 


Whitford Public Library
15 Banks Avenue
Hillarys WA 6025
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