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You know to lock your doors at night but what do you know about whistling in the dark? You grow up learning about stranger danger but what if the voices calling you into the trees are that of your family?

Everyone loves a good ghost story, huddled around the campfire or snuggled in a tent. Lighting up your face with a torch, trying to scare each other with the likes of Bloody Mary or the vanishing hitchhiker. But Wundabaa Gaay-galgaa are not just superstitions to mob, they’re lessons about how to stay safe and understand country.

Join Kalyakoorl Collective at the Joondalup Festival as they bring you a brand-new work based on stories told by Aboriginal Australians for thousands of years. Step into the world of story-telling as it should be –-exhilarating, intimate and immersive. For young, old and everyone in between, Wundabaa Gaay-galgaa is a show not to be missed. Featuring a cast of Indigenous theatre-makers, this WA premiere will have audiences leaving the lights on when they go to bed, or better yet, never daring to whistle in the dark again.

For further information call 9400 4000.


City of Joondalup Library Basement Car Park
90 Boas Ave, Joondalup 6027
Joondalup WA 6027
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