Never run out of eBooks, audiobooks or magazines


If you haven’t swapped to the Libby app yet, now is the time. Access OverDrive’s full eBook, audiobook and digital magazine collection directly on your mobile device using the Libby app.

Download it from your app store, sign in, synchronise your current Overdrive loans or start browsing for something new.

Overdrive will be discontinued in the coming months in favour of Libby’s unique features and user experience.

  • Easy for new users to connect
  • Seamless browsing and borrowing experience
  • A unified bookshelf for all loans and holds
  • Supports multiple library cards
  • Direct user support from OverDrive
  • Best-in-class eBook reader, magazine browser and audiobook player
  • Wish list syncing
  • Push notifications
  • Support for multiple world languages
  • Access to “Extras,” such as Kanopy and Universal Class education courses.
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto support

Contact staff if you have questions or need help with the app install.