New Commission – Inside-Out Billboard Project


The City of Joondalup is pleased to announce the newest commission for the Inside-Out Billboard Project by Minaxi May.

As part of the Inside-Out Billboard Project, a new bright and colourful artwork by Minaxi May has been installed on the façade of the Joondalup Library.

May primarily works in sculpture, mixed-media, printmaking, and installation. She uses a wide range of approaches and dialogues to explore the interrelationships between art, design, craft, and colour together with the industrial world and everyday popular culture – remixing consumer desire and response, within hybridised cultural moments. She often utilises popular media, food, DIY, fashions and familiar paraphernalia to reuse or recontextualise ideas and objects with replication, play, juxtaposition, and humour.

For this commission, the artist explored themes from her most recent body of work which formed the basis of a recent solo exhibition and works from this series have also been exhibited in the City of Joondalup 2019 Invitation Art Prize and 2019 Royal Art Prize.

This series of works are based on nature, the everyday, pattern, colour, and design. The works were created through the layering and weaving of washi tape – a paper-based adhesive tape deriving from Japan that is decorative, colourful and often includes detailed patterns. Through this process, the artist explores nature scenes through abstraction and pattern.

Angela Stewart’s ‘Prudenza’, commissioned by the City of Joondalup in 2018, has been re-installed as part of the Inside-Out Billboard Project at the Joondalup Law Courts.

To learn more about the Inside-Out Billboard Project and to view all commissioned artworks, visit the project page.

Image: ‘Softening the Binaries’, 2020 by Minaxi May.