New Commission – Inside-Out Billboard Project


The City of Joondalup is pleased to announce the newest commission for the Inside-Out Billboard Project by Talia Nicholson.

This ‘tasteful’ new artwork, which comes courtesy of Hillarys visual artist Talia Nicholson was installed on the outside wall of Joondalup Library.

For this commission, Nicholson said she wanted to create an image that would remind passers-by of their childhood and the simple childish excitement that came with eating sweets.

To do so, she painted an image of pick ‘n’ mix lollies onto a pre-loved skateboard. The painting was then photographed and reproduced for the billboard’s specifications.

Talia said that often childhood memories were not stored in photos, but in the crinkles of candy wrappers, times of day, and nostalgic flavours and she wanted to remind people of these sentimental times.

“I wanted to work on something that was distinctly Australian and part of my childhood memories.

“I wanted to create something that would remind everyone of what it was like to delight at the sight of candy – rather than fear the sugar content – and recreate the feeling of pure excitement that we often lose as we grow up and get busy.”

The artist has exhibited in the 2017, 2018 and 2019 Community Art Exhibitions and in 2018 she won the Painting Category Award.


Judy Rogers’ artwork ‘Skinny White Girl’, commissioned by the City in 2017, has been re-installed as part of the Inside-Out Billboard Project at the Joondalup Courthouse.


Image: ‘Pick’n’Mix’, 2019 by Talia Nicholson