New installation for Inside-Out Billboard


The City’s latest Inside-Out Billboard installation, Illusion, certainly lives up to its name.

No two interpretations of the eye-catching artwork are likely to be the same. And that’s just as artist Dita E Hagedorn intended.

An abstract piece, Hagedorn has taken an original photographic image and manipulated it to such an extent that it is no longer recognisable.

The colour palette she has used is reflective of the vast sky that frames the library (during daylight hours) while the level of white and silver will also ensure it is striking when backlit at night.
Hagedorn – whose artwork often focuses on mundane, uninteresting or overlooked objects –  seeks to capture beauty in everyday objects.

The artwork she produced for the City’s 2017 Community Art Exhibition certainly struck a chord with independent industry judges, who recommended her for the unique commission.

Illusion features shimmering, metallic sheets of colour that swirl across the surface, swelling and surging to evoke waves, cascades and pooling.

The billboard installation takes place on 22 September, prior to the City’s annual Community Invitation Art Award and the arrival of Sydney/London artist-in-residence, Dr Helen Pynor.

“It’s certainly an exciting time of year for the City and its high quality and contemporary visual arts program,” Joondalup Mayor Albert Jacob said.

“I’d encourage people to view our newest billboard installation during the daytime and at night to get different perspectives of this striking piece of work.”

Meanwhile, the latest billboard installation at Joondalup Courthouse, Tabula Rasa, 2016, comes courtesy of local artist, Julian Tennant.

The artwork has previously appeared as an Inside-Out Billboard commission at Joondalup Library.

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