New loo for popular park


Construction of a toilet facility at Shepherds Bush Park, Kingsley is now complete, providing a much-needed addition to the popular park.

The single, universal-access toilet is discreetly located near bushland close to other community assets such as the barbecue and picnic area, bike skills track and play space.

Associated works included installation of a septic tank, electrical and water services and construction of a pathway linking to the recreational facilities. The toilet will operate on a time lock system.

Shepherds Bush Park is an extremely popular community facility, with features including a bike skills track, play space, picnic equipment, and a pump and jump trail.

These assets resulted in increased patronage to the park, and in response the City installed off-street parking bays and realigned the connecting path network along Barridale Drive.

In September 2018, a Notice of Motion from Cr John Logan and supported by fellow South East Ward Cr John Chester requested the City investigate the feasibility of installing a low cost, low maintenance toilet facility at Shepherds Bush Park.

The City conducted community consultation which indicated broad community support for the proposal from nearby residents and local groups such as Friends of Shepherds Bush and the Kingsley and Greenwood Residents Association.

Joondalup Mayor Albert Jacob said the popularity of Shepherds Bush Park continued to grow, not only with local residents but the wider community.

“The increasing number of visitors to Shepherds Bush Park resulted in a demand for a toilet facility, with the nearest public toilet 700 metres south in Barridale Park,” Mayor Jacob said.

“The location and design of the toilet facility has been selected to ensure minimal impact on park users, the neighbouring bushland area and residents living near to Shepherds Bush Park.

“It has been a very important project in the City’s Capital Works Program, and it is very pleasing to deliver this much-anticipated facility in Shepherds Bush Park.”