Pesticide Use Notification 18 January to 24 January 2020

The City is conducting its annual herbicide spraying program to control weed infestation within its parks/reserves, natural areas (bushland), streetscapes, road reserves, along kerbs and footpaths.

Works will be conducted by City officers and appointed contractors. Vehicle-mounted signage and site signage (where practicable) will be in place while works are in progress.

Spraying will be undertaken in the following areas (including surrounding hardstand areas and verges, tree wells, medians, kerbs and/or footpaths) weather and operational resources permitting, between Saturday 18 January and Friday 24 January 2020.

Where no location is indicated against the suburb, spraying is not scheduled for that area.

For further information contact the City on 9400 4255.

Suburb / Street Name


Active Constituent

Beldon Craigie Drive Glyphosate
Burns Beach
Craigie Camberwarra Drive Glyphosate
Craigie Drive Glyphosate
Currambine Ambassador Drive Glyphosate
Continental Boulevard Glyphosate
Currambine Boulevard Glyphosate
Metroliner Boulevard Glyphosate
Miramare Boulevard Glyphosate
Negresco Turn Glyphosate
Normandy Parade Glyphosate
Hillarys Banks Avenue Glyphosate
Campbell Drive Glyphosate
Cromfield Place Glyphosate
Exeter Street Glyphosate
Fenian Pass Glyphosate
Grover Place Glyphosate
Honeymyrtle Lane Glyphosate
Mawson Crescent Glyphosate
Orient Circuit Glyphosate
Tenerife Boulevard Glyphosate
Iluka Cardiff Gate Glyphosate
Delgado Parade Glyphosate
Naturaliste Boulevard Glyphosate
O’Mara Boulevard Glyphosate
Santa Monica Parade Glyphosate
Silver Sands Drive Glyphosate
Joondalup Various City Centre Glyphosate
Kallaroo Bridgewater Drive Glyphosate
Mullaloo Charonia Road Glyphosate
Cooper Street Glyphosate
Gibbs Street Glyphosate
Iluka Avenue Glyphosate
Koolyanga Road Glyphosate
Koorana Road Glyphosate
Korella Street Glyphosate
Meridian Drive Glyphosate
Page Drive Glyphosate
Scaphella Avenue Glyphosate
Ocean Reef
Sorrento Arkwell Way Glyphosate
Cliff Street Glyphosate
Hocking Parade Glyphosate
Hood Terrace Glyphosate
Leach Street Glyphosate
Ozone Road Glyphosate
Peirse Way Glyphosate
Troy Avenue Glyphosate
Whiley Road Glyphosate
Burns Beach Road Marmion Avenue to Shenton Avenue Glyphosate
Joondalup Drive Burns Beach Road to Ocean Reef Road Glyphosate
Northshore Drive Mullaloo Drive to Whitfords Avenue Glyphosate
Ocean Reef Road Oceanside Promenade to Shenton Avenue Glyphosate
Oceanside Promenade Mullaloo Drive to Ocean Reef Road Glyphosate
West Coast Drive Beach Road to Hepburn Avenue Glyphosate
Whitfords Avenue Northshore Drive to Hepburn Avenue Glyphosate