Public Art: Yarn Circle, 2017


Hockey Sculpture

Artist: Paula Hart

Installed at the Warwick Hockey Facility in 2017, the artwork is nestled into a grassed area outside the new building adjacent to the upgraded hockey pitches.

Hart intended the artwork to be a meeting place for the community at arrival and drop off. The name of the artwork is based on the concept of telling tall tales with your friends. Designed around a circular decked area, the artwork is a platform for performance or a place to sit.

Surrounding the platform is a frame of six decorative Corten steel panels designed to weather to an orange patina over time. Each panel depicts children from the hockey community known as the ‘Seagulls’, wearing their Whitford Hockey Club uniforms, ready to play. At the base of the panels, the foreground decoration depicts native banksia from the surrounding Warwick Open Space Bushland. The decorative filigree is created by laser cutting the steel, allowing the imagery to show through in the negative space.