Removal of tree, Craigie – City statement


On Tuesday 9 July a significant section of one of the City’s oldest Eucalyptus gomphocephala (or Tuart) trees next to the Craigie Leisure Centre fell down. The incident did not cause any major damage.

While a number of factors contributed to this failure, storms that hit the Perth metropolitan area just prior to this date would have played a part in the damage.

The tree’s health and structural integrity was inspected by the City’s arborist and an assessment and subsequent report was prepared by an independent arborist.

The report found that there was significant fracturing and cracking at the tree’s ground level which was significantly affecting its structural stability.

Due to the damage sustained and concern over the likelihood of failure to retain the tree as is, as well as the potential for serious damage to property and injury to people in the event of this failure, the independent arborist report recommended removal of the tree.

The City’s contractors are in the process of removing the tree, and temporary fencing remains in place around the tree for safety reasons.

It is intended for the tree to be dismantled in segments, allowing wood to be salvaged and repurposed for future use by the City.

Viable seeds and/or cuttings from the tree will also be sought to grow in the City’s nursery.

Refurbishment plans for the Craigie Leisure Centre included retention of this tree within the overflow car park area. To compensate for the loss of this tree, the refurbishment plans will now consider the possibility of additional tree planting within the overall site plan.