Satisfaction guaranteed in Joondalup


More than 96 per cent of City of Joondalup residents are satisfied with Joondalup as a place to live, according to the results of the City’s 2020/21 Customer Satisfaction Monitor.

The findings of the independent survey were presented to the Joondalup Council last night.

The Customer Satisfaction Monitor is conducted every two years. Originally scheduled for 2019/20, the survey was delayed for 12 months due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

In other significant findings, 91.8 per cent of residents said they are satisfied with the services the City provides, while 84.5 per cent said they are satisfied with the City’s customer service experience.

The City’s 20 external facing services all achieved high levels of satisfaction, with only three of the 20 scoring less than 80 per cent overall satisfaction.

Areas with the highest satisfaction levels were recorded for Library Services (94.6 per cent), Craigie Leisure Centre (93 per cent), Parks (92.3 per cent), Emergency Management (90.7 per cent), Community Facilities (88.9 per cent), Conservation/Natural Areas (88.8 per cent), Waste Management (87.6 per cent), Roads (87.3 per cent), Rangers Services (86.5 per cent) and Pool Inspections and Community Safety (86.1 per cent).

There were also improved results for Community Consultation and Engagement (74.3 per cent) and City Communications (80.8 per cent) – two areas that have historically ranked lower than others.

Joondalup Mayor Albert Jacob said he was buoyed by the positive results.

“The findings of the 2020/21 Customer Satisfaction Monitor show that the majority of our community are happy with the work we are doing on their behalf and had positive interactions with the City as customers,” he said.

“We are home to an active and engaged community, that is, more than ever, keen to have their say on local issues. Therefore, it was particularly pleasing to see higher satisfaction levels in the key areas of community consultation and engagement and City communications.

“Overall, the results are very positive, but we will not rest on our laurels.

“Joondalup has a reputation as one of the world’s most liveable Cities and the City will continue to seek improvement, where possible, to improve the customer experience and better meet the service delivery expectations and priorities of our community.”