Select Committee Into Local Government – call for submissions


The Legislative Council of the Western Australian Parliament recently established a Select Committee into Local Government as a mechanism to inquire how well the system of local government is function in Western Australia, with a particular reference to:

  1. Whether the Local Government Act 1995 and related legislation is generally suitable in scope, construction and application;
  2. The scope of activities of Local Governments;
  3. The role of the Department of State administering the Local Government Act 1995 and related legislation;
  4. The role of Elected Members and Chief Executive Officers/employees and whether these are clearly defined, delineated, understood and accepted;
  5. The funding and financial management of Local Governments; and
  6. Any other related matters the Select Committee identifies as worthy of examination and report.

The Committee is inviting submissions on one or more of the above and submissions close at midnight, Friday 13 September 2019.

Further information above the Committee, submission process, and how to make a submission can be found from the WA Parliament’s website.