Sorrento beach enclosure

Sorrento Beach Enclosure Media Statement


A section of the Sorrento Beach Enclosure was damaged by storms in late-July, resulting in a part of the barrier being torn off the anchoring system.

During the process to repair the barrier, there has been a gap in the structure between the floats that sit on top of the water and the ocean floor, extending about 50 metres outwards from Hillarys Boat Harbour.

The City installed advisory signage on the beach to notify users of the damage and that repair work would be undertaken.

It has been a regular occurrence for dolphins and other marine life to swim in and out of the barrier while the repairs have been undertaken. Last weekend five dolphins swam into the enclosure. Three have since swam out of the enclosure and two remain.

This has resulted in a delay to the anticipated completion date of the end of September. Once the dolphins have swum out of the enclosure the barrier contractor will work to secure the remaining section as soon as possible.

The City will update information on the beach signage and apologises for any inconvenience that the storm damage and ongoing repairs have caused to regular users of the beach enclosure.