Statement relating to Percy Doyle Reserve


Statement read to City of Joondalup Council meeting, Tuesday 20 October

Joondalup Mayor Albert Jacob:

I want to start by addressing some misinformation that is currently circulating in the community regarding Percy Doyle Reserve.

I understand that there are factually incorrect flyers and a petition being circulated to ‘Save Percy Doyle’, claiming that the City is looking to commercialise this sporting and cultural space.

I want to place on the public record and make it very clear – the City has not agreed to sell or redevelop part of Percy Doyle Reserve for commercial purposes.

The City does have a long-term aspiration to provide improved sporting and community facilities for the well-established and valued clubs at Percy Doyle Reserve, as well as the broader community.

These are some of the oldest facilities in the City, and such an upgrade will be needed in the future.

That is all that the potential redevelopment of Percy Doyle Reserve has ever been about. It is not about commercial use.

The recent spate of flyers and posters that have been displayed in the area suggesting otherwise is completely false information and, frankly, scare mongering.

I am sorry that this propaganda has caused needless anxiety for our community and has wasted the City’s resources and time.

It is false information, it is fiction, and I am calling it out as such.