Returning Officer and Nomination Appointments

The City’s Returning Officer is appointed by the Western Australian Electoral Commission and is responsible for the conduct and processes associates with the City of Joondalup local government elections. On nomination, the Returning Officer will provide further information to prospective candidates including guides and forms for candidates and scrutineers. The Returning Officer undertakes appointments with prospective candidates during the nomination period prior to the Local Government election.




Electoral gifts

Candidates in local government elections have legislative obligations for the disclosure of gifts leading up to the local government elections. The Local Government (Elections) Regulations 1997 requires both candidates and donors to make disclosures of gifts given to candidates during the specified disclosure period.

Disclosure period

Within three days of nomination, any candidate in a local government election will need to disclose any gifts received within the disclosure period. The disclosure period commences six months prior to the Election Day. The disclosure period finishes three days after Election Day (for unsuccessful candidates) and on the start day for financial interest returns for successful candidates.