Andrijasevich wins top prize at 2022 Community Art Exhibition

CAE 2022 winner
CAE 2022 winner

Julia Andrijasevich has claimed the top prize in the City of Joondalup’s 2022 Community Art Exhibition (CAE) for her textile Isolation.

The Greenwood artist received $4,000 in prize money for producing this year’s Most Outstanding Artwork.

The CAE is being held at Lakeside Joondalup Shopping City until Sunday 10 April, featuring more than 160 artworks produced by local residents and members of local affiliated visual arts associations – all at various stages of their practice.

Of the winning artwork, the judges said: “The work stood out for a number of reasons, being: the scale of the work compared to its subject matter; the media – textiles – being very personal and domestic; and the process is intimate in line with the subject matter. There is ambiguity about the isolation – is it about lockdown or just some quiet in an increasingly clamorous world? There is a fineness to the figure’s modelling. In all, the fine connections between work, subject, process, material and presentation were exemplary.”

While the Community Art Exhibition again features an impressive array of paintings, drawings, sculptures, ceramics, glassworks, textiles, photography, printmaking and mixed media, some significant changes were made to the event format in 2022.

The City increased the prize pool to $11,000 to show its support and commitment to culture and the arts in Joondalup.

This year, instead of several media category awards, a single overall prize of $4,000 was on offer to the winner, an increase of $2,500 from 2021. Similarly, the Celebrating Joondalup and Student awards increased by $1,000 and $500 respectively.

Joondalup Mayor Albert Jacob said the exhibition had also been incorporated into the programming for the Joondalup Festival for the first time.

“I congratulate all participating artists on producing the outstanding and enormous wealth of artwork on display, particularly Julia who joins an impressive list of overall winners,” Mayor Jacob said.

“I am certain many of the artworks we have on display were created during, or inspired by, the COVID-19 pandemic.

“We are certainly home to a very talented artistic community and I am sure everyone who visits Lakeside Joondalup over the next two weeks will be impressed.”

Votes for the Popular Choice Award can be cast by completing a survey form, which is available on-site at the exhibition and online through the QR code in the CAE catalogue.

A $500.00 prize is on offer, so attendees are encouraged to support the artists and vote for their favourite artwork.

This year’s competition judges were: Emma Buswell, local artist and Exhibitions and Engagement Coordinator at Fremantle Arts Centre; Kamilé Burinskaité, the founder of Kamilé Gallery; and local artist, lecturer and curator, Stuart Elliot.

2022 Community Art Exhibition Category Winners

Highly Commended ($1,500)

Olga Perova for Bargello vase. Comments: This work demonstrates a wonderful and dedicated mastering of the material. Its form, construction and presentation made it stand out to the judges. The use of gradient colours and line detail make it a thing to marvel at. It is a work that compels you to spend more time with it.

Celebrating Joondalup ($1,500)

Katie Gordon for Joondalup Still Life – A Study in Biodiversity. Comments: This work is finished and presented to a high standard and with an appreciation of craftsmanship. The work explores sustainability concerns, which are vitally important in the City of Joondalup.

Student Award ($750)

Monique Chevalier for Honey. Comments: The relationship between the work, its media and subject matter is excellent. The form, suggesting a honeycomb screen is very evocative; the liquid quality of the glass’s finish reflects with bubbles. Conceptually interesting, the exposed comb indicates nature’s imperilment.

Inside Out Billboard Commission ($3,000)

Kodi Dennison for When can we play?

Arts in Focus (support for exhibition in 2023 and $500 prize)

Afsaneh Khoramshahi for A Countess from Georgia.

Public Art: Inside-Out Billboard City of Joondalup Library

The Inside-Out Billboard artwork is commissioned for the site and changes bi-annually.

Artists are invited to participate following recommendations from the judges at the annual Community Art Exhibition and the Art Prize.

The printed canvas is 6 x 3 metres and is back-lit at night.

The artwork is installed again at the City Courthouse after a period of 18 months in storage.


Community Art Exhibition

CAE image
Image credit: Creativity & Innovation (detail), 2021 by Janette Hafez. Image courtesy of the artist.

The City of Joondalup’s 2022 Community Art Exhibition was held from Sunday 27 March – Sunday 10 April 2022 at Lakeside Joondalup Shopping Centre, Great Space.

This annual exhibition celebrated the City’s artistic community and included 161 artworks, incorporating a wide range of traditional and contemporary media, spanning from painting, drawing, sculpture, ceramics, glass work, textiles, photography, printmaking, and mixed media.

To view a Virtual Tour of the exhibition click here.

Entrants competed for a share in a prize pool of over $11,000.

All artworks qualified for consideration of the following Awards:

  • Most Outstanding Artwork – $4,000
    Winner: Julia Andrijasevich for Isolation
  • Highly Commended – $1,500
    Winner: Olga Perova for Bargello vase

Artists could also nominate for consideration for these optional Awards:

  • Celebrating Joondalup – $1,500
    Winner: Katie Gordon for Joondalup Still Life – A Study in Biodiversity
  • Student Award – $750
    Winner: Monique Chevalier for Honey
  • Arts in focus – $500 with solo exhibition
    Winner: Afsaneh Khoramshahi for A Countess from Georgia

A further commission was provided to one selected Artist:

  • Inside Out Billboard Commission – $3,000
    Winner: Kodi Dennison for When can we play?

The Popular Choice Award of $500 is based on the most number of votes from the public. This year’s winner was Anne Marie Bloor with her artwork Rod, a colourful painting of a pink and white Galah.

Calls for entry for the 2023 Community Art Exhibition will open at the end of 2022 and close in February 2023. The exhibition will run from 26 March – 9 April 2023.

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