Local government education

School classes are invited to enhance their study of Civics and Citizenship and learn more about their local government and community.

Student outcomes

Watch the Civics presentation or contact the School Liaison Officer to arrange a tour, and learn:

  • How local government works
  • About the services it provides to the community
  • Taking part in a mock election
  • The difference between local laws and state laws
  • About elected members and council officers and their roles in the community
  • About their families’ role in determining the type of community in which they wish to live.

Local History tour

A tour of Joondalup Library, featuring the Local History collection, is available. This provides a practical example of a local government service.

Public artwork

The public artwork surrounding the Civic Centre and its relationship to Joondalup is also available to be discovered.

Getting there

Transport can be provided. For further information contact the School Liaison Officer.

Teaching resources

Worksheets are available for use.

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Adopt a coastline or bushland

The Adopt a Coastline or Bushland Program gives students the opportunity to take part in a free environmental program involving education, rehabilitation and protection activities along the coastline and in bushland areas.

Student outcomes

As well as covering the curriculum areas of geography and science, this program also allows students to demonstrate active citizenship through their work on this valuable community project. The program will allow students to:

  • Work with Natural Areas Officers planting local provenance species
  • Learn about the biodiversity of the coastal and bush environment
  • Contribute to their community and environmental responsibility through active citizenship
  • Understand the relationship between people and the environment with two class room presentations from environmental experts and Indigenous educators
  • Have the opportunity to display their classroom work relating to the program within the Joondalup Library.

Teaching resources

An extensive range of curriculum linked teaching resources for the coastal and bushland programs has also been developed.

These educational resources have been produced by the City of Joondalup with the expertise of a teacher and all due care has been taken to ensure accurate information has been provided and the work is Australian Curriculum aligned at the time of production.

Two excellent publications, Perth Plants and Coastal Plants are available through City of Joondalup Libraries to aid teachers in identifying species and their adaptations.

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Yellagonga wetlands school activity

Yellagonga Wetland activity sheets are available online for primary school teachers and students from pre-primary to year seven to assist in meeting geography, science and sustainability outcomes.

Activity sheets

These Australian curriculum aligned science, humanities and social sciences activity sheets are produced by the City with the expertise of a science teacher and consist of:

  • Teaching guides
  • Excursion plans
  • Activity sheets in Biological Sciences and Human Endeavour

Student outcomes

Students will learn about the important wetland ecosystem of Yellagonga Regional Park. Information is provided to encourage users to undertake activities on site in Yellagonga Regional Park. Neil Hawkins Park in Joondalup is an ideal setting with good facilities for excursions.

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