History storytelling

Tales of Times Past

Tales of Times Past is a unique group of storytellers who are available to visit schools.

Storytellers offer a wonderful opportunity for students to hear tales from history drawn from the experiences of senior members of the community. They relate stories of:

  • Growing up in the earlier part of the last century
  • Changes in the environment, technology and society
  • Living through historical events, local and worldwide
  • The heritage of Wanneroo/Joondalup districts
  • Migration and settlement.

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Local history for schools

Resources in the library

Local History, located on the lower ground floor at Joondalup Library, has a range of resources including photographs, oral history interviews, newspapers and other material documenting how the local area has changed over time, suitable for use by teachers to support the HASS curriculum.

Resources to borrow

Using their school’s Institutional Bulk Loan Membership, teachers can borrow the Investigating Joondalup’s Past School Resources Kits. Each kit contains:

  • Photographs
  • Maps
  • Oral history excerpts
  • Stories from the Suburbs booklets which document the history of each suburb.

To assist teachers with meeting outcomes in the primary history curriculum the Local History staff have developed the resource My Learning Journal which is available for loan on USB. This is relevant for years two to five, and topics covered include:

  • Who lived here first and how do we know?
  • How has the community changed?
  • Which environmental features have been lost and which have been retained?
  • What contribution has been made by different groups and individuals in the community?
  • How and why do people choose to remember significant events of the past?

School tours and activities

School groups are welcome to participate in curriculum-linked activities as part of a Civic Centre and Library tour. Teachers and home-schoolers are welcome to contact Reference and Local History staff to organise library visits for students wishing to undertake research.

Year 12 ATAR Geography students can access resources and information supporting a Unit 3 case study focussing on the Ocean Reef Marina site and adjacent coastal areas.

Local government education

School classes are invited to enhance their study of Civics and Citizenship and learn more about their local government and community.

Student outcomes

Watch the Civics presentation or contact the School Liaison Officer to arrange a tour, and learn:

  • How local government works
  • About the services it provides to the community
  • Taking part in a mock election
  • The difference between local laws and state laws
  • About elected members and council officers and their roles in the community
  • About their families’ role in determining the type of community in which they wish to live.

Local History tour

A tour of Joondalup Library, featuring the Local History collection, is available. This provides a practical example of a local government service.

Public artwork

The public artwork surrounding the Civic Centre and its relationship to Joondalup is also available to be discovered.

Getting there

Transport can be provided. For further information contact the School Liaison Officer.

Teaching resources

Worksheets are available for use.

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Joondalup history and heritage for schools

The Joondalup Library Local History collection is the first place to start for students exploring the history of their local area and discovering why the past is important to the local community. The collection of primary sources reflects the changes that have occurred in the local community over time.

Student outcomes

  • Who lived here first and how do we know.
  • How the community has changed.
  • What features have been lost and what has been retained.
  • What is the nature of the contribution made by different groups and individuals in the community.
  • How and why people choose to remember significant events of the past.

Teaching resources

Resources which bring the history of the area to life are available for use by teachers and students, both in the library and in the classroom:

  • Oral histories – hear the voices of the market gardeners, lime kiln workers, dairy farmers and other pioneers who developed the area you know today.
  • Transcripts of oral histories have been added to the Library catalogue.
  • Picture Joondalup contains digitised photographs from the Local History Collection and is a valuable resource for teachers.
  • Investigating Joondalup’s Past is a series of loan boxes containing photographs, oral histories, maps, newspaper articles and ephemera for each of the suburbs in the City. A comprehensive Teacher’s Guide and Student Learning Journal is available for use with the loan boxes.
  • Dreaming stories relating to the local environment have been collected in consultation with the local Aboriginal community.
  • Display material is available for loan to schools.
  • Staff can assist you with your programs within your classrooms as well as by arranging a visit to the collection.
  • Noongar presenters – there are several groups within the community who can supply Indigenous storytellers and presenters to classes to bring to life the Noongar culture for students. The City’s School Liaison Officer can provide contact details for these presenters.
  • Neil Hawkins Park – Interpretive signage in Neil Hawkins Park highlights the native flora and fauna of the Lake Joondalup area and the traditional uses by Noongar people. Signs are all contained within the main area of the park and would take students 30 – 45 minutes to complete the circuit. A visit to the park can be combined with Civic and Library tours of the City of Joondalup.
  • Plants and People in Mooro Country, produced by the City of Joondalup, explores Noongar plant use in Yellagonga Regional Park. This publication is available to loan from your library.
  • Tales of Times Past – a unique group of storytellers who are available to visit schools.

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Yellagonga wetlands school activity

Yellagonga Wetland activity sheets are available online for primary school teachers and students from pre-primary to year seven to assist in meeting geography, science and sustainability outcomes.

Activity sheets

These Australian curriculum aligned science, humanities and social sciences activity sheets are produced by the City with the expertise of a science teacher and consist of:

  • Teaching guides
  • Excursion plans
  • Activity sheets in Biological Sciences and Human Endeavour

Student outcomes

Students will learn about the important wetland ecosystem of Yellagonga Regional Park. Information is provided to encourage users to undertake activities on site in Yellagonga Regional Park. Neil Hawkins Park in Joondalup is an ideal setting with good facilities for excursions.

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