Small Business Development Corporation

The Small Business Development Corporation (SBDC) offers free advice and guidance for current and aspiring small business owners in Western Australia.

Experienced advisers can be contacted on 133 140, by email or visit the SBDC office in the Perth CBD.

Information and support is also available in relation to negotiating commercial tenancy agreements with landlords and resolving disputes with others businesses or government departments.

Small Business Workshops

The SBDC also runs business workshops throughout the Perth metropolitan area:

Online Business Resources

The SBDC can help you assess new business ideas, and provides online advice on a range of key topics, including but not limited to:

SBDC Enewsletter and Blog

Home Business

A home business is a business operating at home by a resident of the property.

There are three types of home businesses under the City’s Local Planning Scheme No. 3 (LPS3):

  • Home Office
  • Home Occupation
  • Home Business

Home businesses must be operated in accordance with the City’s Home Business Local Planning Policy.

Planning requirements

An Application for Development (Planning) Approval is required for all Home Businesses with the exception of:

  • A Home Office.
  • A Home Occupation
  • A Home Business within the Mixed Use or Commercial zone which meets all requirements of the Home-based Business Local Planning Policy.

Refer to the Development (Planning) Application Checklist – Home Business for information on application requirements.

Environmental health requirements

Depending on the type of business you are operating, an environmental health approval may be required. This includes:

Building Permit application requirements

A building permit application may also be required if there is a change of building classification. To confirm if an application is required, please place your request in writing to the City’s Building Services, outlining what the business is and what room(s) in the house will be used.


Local business advice and support

Business Station

Business Station manage the ECU Business and Innovation Centre (ECUBIC) in Joondalup.

If you are starting a new business, or run an existing small business, you may benefit from a number of free or low-cost programs, services and workshops delivered by Business Station to help your business grow. These include support services through the following State and Federal Government programs:

  • Business Local* – an outreach advisory service providing access to free advice and guidance for small businesses owners
  • Australian Small Business Advisory Services (ASBAS) Digital Solutions – includes workshops and webinars for websites and selling online, social media and digital marketing, using small business software, and online security and data security

* Please note that Business Local utilises a number of service providers across the Perth Metropolitan region. For more information on Business Local support services please visit the Small Business Development Corporation website.

E-newsletters and workshops

To keep up to date with business support services delivered by the Business Station team:

Business advice consultations

You may also like to consider booking a one on one business advisory session with a Business Station advisor at ECUBIC in Joondalup or at one of their other locations. The following options are available:

  • General business advice for e.g. starting your business and general business development issues for SMEs (Free service)
  • Advice on digital business solutions such as websites and selling online, social media and digital marketing, using small business software, and online security and data security ($20 cost for initial appointments and $40 for subsequent)

For more information and to book please call 08 9301 8000 or email.

Other Business Workshops in the City of Joondalup

To find more business workshops and business events in Joondalup: