New library releases

Joondalup libraries offer a custom, email notification service for you to stay up to date on new releases at your library.

This is an automated service where you receive tailored email notifications to meet your interests. This could be your favourite author, books on a topic or items matching a format such as cooking magazines or fiction DVDs.

How does it work?

  1. Log in and access your dashboard on the Library catalogue.
  2. Select New Alert Profile on the menu.
  3. Complete the form to receive emails featuring new Library items matching your interests.
  4. The email contains links and descriptions for you to review and quickly place reservations.
  5. Emails can be scheduled to arrive daily, weekly or monthly.
  6. Create as many Alert Profiles as you like.

Email notifications

Many email providers have folders for bulk mail and/or spam. The library’s emails are considered “bulk mail” and may be sent to these folders. To ensure you receive all emails from the library, please be sure to authorise the library’s email address: so you won’t miss any eNewsletters or important notices.