Mural project with Sioux Tempestt

The Whitford Library foyer is being transformed by artist in residence, Sioux Tempestt. Sioux creates abstract, mural, sculptural and digital art and several of her large-scale murals can be found throughout Perth.

Community workshops were held with seniors, schools and children throughout June to develop concepts for the mural. In the next phase of the project, Sue will set up her workshop as Artist in Residence in the Whitford Library meeting room from Monday 27 June to Tuesday 12 July.

You are invited to drop in and visit Sioux every Monday and Tuesday between Monday 27 June and Tuesday 12 July. Sioux will be developing the ideas from the workshops into her distinctive style. See how the project goes from a concept to the finished piece, and what it looks like ‘in the middle’ when the magic is being created. The  developing designs of the project will be on display as well as some examples of her previous work in an impromptu gallery.

Sioux will be holding a free Discovery Session to share the creative process she engages, her inspiration and artistic achievements.

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About Sioux Tempestt

Transcending creative disciplines Sioux creates abstract, mural, sculptural and digital art which meaningfully contributes to its context. Her work aims to create a narrative and connection as Sioux believes art plays an intrinsic contribution to our wellbeing, health, and happiness – more so now than ever.

Sioux is passionate about working with the community – young people in particular, mentoring and facilitating creative workshops for local governments and schools. She constantly pushes the boundaries of her practice to communicate and share her tremendous positivity and energy for life.

Large scale murals form part of Sioux’s practice and you’ll find several painted throughout Perth. Among other clients, Sioux has produced artistic projects for Curtin University, the City of Perth, the City of Melville, the City of Stirling, the City of South Perth, the City of Vincent, the Town of Victoria Park, the City of Subiaco, the Town of Claremont, Coles, Dale Alcock and Hawaiian.

Sioux has delivered 10 solo exhibitions and exhibited in numerous group shows. Among other achievements Sioux’s ‘Dirty Beats’ music video is an official selection of the 2022 Revelation Perth International Film Festival. Sioux received a Highly Commended, City of Bayswater Art Award, 2021; was a Finalist, City of Busselton Art Award, 2021; Finalist, Perth Royal Art Prize, 2019; Finalist, City of Rockingham Castaways Sculpture Awards, 2019; Finalist, Minnawarra Art Awards, 2021; Finalist, Town of Claremont Art Awards, 2021; Highly Commended, City of South Perth Emerging Artist Award 2018; Highly Commended, Town of Bassendean Visual Art Award 2018; Finalist, City of Joondalup 2018 Community Invitation Art Award.

Sioux is curator of the Darlington Arts Festival Sculpture on the Scarp 2022. Her work is held in public and private collections.


This project was made possible with assistance of DLGSCI and Lotterywest.

Inside-Out Billboard Project

Joanna Webber artwork
Image Credit: ‘Lemons and Gum Leaves’, 2021, Joanna Webber. City of Joondalup Inside-Out Billboard Commission, installation view. Image courtesy of the artist. Photo: Christophe Canato.

The Inside-Out Billboard Project is a digital representation of a commissioned artwork displayed on a 3 metre by 6 metre commercial billboard at the Joondalup Library.

Artists are invited to the commission by recommendation when exhibiting in either the Community Art Exhibition (CAE) (held in March) or the Invitation Art Prize (IAP) (held in October). Each artwork is displayed for six months at the Joondalup Library and rotated to be displayed at a later stage on a second billboard installed at the Joondalup Courthouse. The billboards are rotated in March and October.

Artworks currently on view are: ‘Lemons and Gum Leaves’, 2021, by Joanna Webber at the Joondalup Library; and ‘Hymenosporum, After the Seeds are Sown’, 2019 by Sarah Elson at the Joondalup Law Courts.

Inside-Out Billboard Commissions

Public Art: Untitled

Artist: Stormie Mills

This artwork was a private commission by the owners of 133 Grand Boulevard in 2006 and was not procured through the City of Joondalup’s mural arts program.



Public Art: Microcosms of Beauty, 2018

Artist: Horatio T Birdbath

The hand-drawn mural artwork features a series of spheres which vary in intensity as they traverse the wall. Horatio’s trademark style links each sphere together.

The City commissioned Horatio to undertake work as part of the City’s Mural Arts Program where points of interest are created around the City by enhancing and animating public spaces.

Entirely hand drawn, it took Horatio three months to complete.

Public Art: Dazzle 1, 2015

Artist: David Ledger

In 2015, artist David Ledger painted the first side of the ablution block in Sorrento.

The concept of Dazzle is based on the quality of the colour and light of the Western Australian sky.

Two wall, east and west faces the sunrise and sunset.

Dazzle 2 is representative of sunrise.

Public Art: Dazzle 2, 2016

Artist: David Ledger

In 2016, artist David Ledger painted the adjacent side of the ablution block.

The concept of Dazzle is based on the quality of the colour and light of the Western Australian sky.

Two wall, east and west faces the sunrise and sunset.

Dazzle 2 is representative of sunset.

Public Art: Untitled, 2009

Artist: Bridget Norton

Commissioned as part of the redevelopment of Craigie Leisure Centre, artist Bridget Norton’s water inspired artwork is digitally printed on acrylic and mounted to the wall surrounding Craigie pool.

Public Art: Eddystone Ave Underpass

Artist: Jon Ismailovski

Ismailovski worked with Year Five students at Eddystone Primary School to develop the concept for the mural design. Students created hybrid animals through a series of three workshops, creating both their physical appearance and assigning them other behavioural traits. Ismailovski then used these animals to input the creation of his own design.

Ismailovski’s 40 metre long mural combines fish and fowl, flora and fauna, in monochromatic tone as though Hieronymus Bosch was designing a set for the Wiggles on black and white TV.

Western Australian artist Jon Ismailovski has created a surreal painting which combines a curious mix of elegance, humour and myth. The works pose bizarre narrative scenes depicting a strange, compromised paradise where both human and animal characters are set in private folkloric ensembles all connected by an oversized organ. The large-scale mural is drawn with a clarity of line and refined draughtsmanship; ideas come through doodling and sketching, often drawn directly onto the wall with no predetermined plan. Ismailovski works instinctively, responding to ideas as they suggest themselves as he works. He likes to bewilder the viewer, offering no possible solution to the riddle he conjures.

A hybrid mix of creatures all co-habit in the strange world of Ismailovski’s mural addressing the artists interest in the hierarchy of humans and animals, and playfully creates scenarios that undermine the control that the humans have in this world. The humour or gleeful perversion in the paintings is achieved by inverting roles and authority between humans and animals and delivers a multitude of narratives that no one answer can deduce. These narratives reflect Ismailovski’s working process of collaging the students ideas together to create bizarre and unusual scenarios. Ismailovski’s work is littered with an expandable narrative and is substantiated by a proficient foundation of drawing and painting.

Public Art: Yellagonga Community Mural

Artist: Mike Bamford

The Yellagonga Community Mural guided by local artist Mike Bamford is seven metres long and depicts a scene from Neil Hawkins Park in Joondalup to the eastern shoreline of Lake Joondalup in Wanneroo that features local trees, plants and wildlife.

Public Art: Marine Life of Marmion Marine Park, 2016

Artist: Amok Island

Perth artist Amok Island was engaged to design and paint a large-scale mural for the new retaining wall at the MAAC public car park in 2016.

The Creatures of Marmion Marine Park mural depicts a selection of iconic marine fauna found in the Marmion Marine Park area from invertebrates, crustaceans and molluscs, fish and marine mammals.

The artist conducted extensive research including spending time in Marmion Marine Park photographing marine creatures. The artist drew inspiration from vintage scientific identification charts in the creation of the design.

At time of commission, this project was the largest single span artwork in the southern hemisphere.

Public Art: Friendship, 2018

Artist: Hayley Welsh


As part of the City of Joondalup Arts Program and the School Connections Program, artist Hayley Welsh facilitated two workshops with the Year 6 students of Joondalup Primary School, and then painted a final mural on the rebound wall at Nanika Park, Joondalup.

Hayley encouraged the students to reflect on their intuitive “Little Voices.”  The mural is called “Friendship” incorporates their words and concepts. It was completed on the weekend of the Joondalup Festival on 24 and 25 March, 2018.