Rates Transfer & Refund Fees

The City introduced the following fees in the 2018/19 year, due to a large increase in the number of requests to transfer or refund monies that had been paid incorrectly. Please made sure you use the correct Reference Number and check the amount when making your payment to ensure no additional fees are incurred to transfer monies.

If a payment is made incorrectly, the following fees apply:

  1. If a payment is made using an incorrect Reference Number, a $13.00 fee (including GST) will apply to transfer the payment to the correct account. Please note, proof of payment will be requested
  2. If payments are made in excess of the amount due and a refund is then required, a fee of $13.00 (including GST) will apply. Please note, proof of payment will be requested

Should you have any queries regarding these fees, please contact Rating Services on 9400 4574.

eRates FAQs

eRates Registration

What if I don’t have a current Rates Notice to register?

Call Rating Services on 9400 4574 and once your identity has been confirmed by answering questions relating to the property, the information required to register can be provided.

What happens if I don’t click on the email verification link within 48 hours?

This email link will no longer work and you will need to re-register for the eRates service.

What can I do if I have deleted the Registration Successful email?

Go to the eRates page and type in the email address you previously registered. The system will recognise this email address and resend the Registration Successful email.

What can I do if I have deleted the Rates Notice email?

Go to your Registration Successful email, click on the Manage your eRates subscription button and an email history of rates notices is available for you to view.

What if I own more than one property – do I have to register for eRates for each property separately?

Once you have been successfully registered for one property you can use the Registration Successful email to click on the Manage your eRates subscription button where all the properties you own will be shown. You can then change the delivery method for the other properties that you own.

How do I amend my email address?

Go to your Registration Successful email and click on the Manage your eRates subscription button. You can then change your email address from the Your Details section. An email will be sent to your new email address for you to verify and amend your details.

What happens if I change my email address but don’t click on the email verification link?

The details will not be amended until this link is clicked on so the details will remain unchanged.

Do I have to set up a password for eRates?

There is no password required for eRates. Secure links are emailed to access your eRates subscription and rates notices.

If I register for eRates, how do I receive my City News etc that are normally posted out with the rates notices?

The email you receive will provide access to your annual rates notice plus the information brochures such as the City News which will be available for viewing/printing.

The combined waste guide and tipping vouchers will again be delivered to the resident who occupies the property rather than to the owner. They will be delivered to mailboxes between Monday 12 July and Friday 16 July 2021.

For further information or for any queries regarding delivery of your waste guide, contact the Infrastructure Services Customer Relations Team on 9400 4255.


Rates – AdvancePay Direct Debit request

Please note: By filling out this form you are agreeing to pay your rates for the next financial year in advance.

AdvancePAY allows you to get ahead on your rates, helping to reduce the stress of paying bills in full as they arrive. Once your current year’s rates are paid, if your budget allows, you can choose to get a head start on the following year’s rates by paying weekly, fortnightly or monthly payments over a 12 month period.

This is how AdvancePAY works:

  • The City will calculate equal amounts payable based on the first payment date, the frequency of the direct debit and the estimated amount of the 2022/23 rates and charges
  • Your AdvancePay direct debit will continue unless you wish to cancel the arrangement
  • In the event of a rates increase, the City will notify you of the new payment amount required
  • There are two AdvancePay options:
    • Option One – AdvancePay August – If your 2021/22 rates are paid in full by the due date in August 2021, you can commence paying your 2022/23 rates from September 2021 over a period of 12 months, with the final payment to be completed by the due date in August 2022, without any interest or charges applying
    • Option Two – AdvancePay March – If your 2022/23 rates are paid by the four instalment option or by special payment arrangement, and your payments are completed by March 2022, you can then commence paying your 2022/23 rates from April 2022. You are able to pay your rates over a period of 12 months with the final payment to be completed by March 2023. Interest and administration charges will apply to the balance that is outstanding after the due date in August 2022 (excluding fully entitled pensioner/seniors)

If you do not wish to complete the online form below, please download and complete the PDF form at the bottom of the screen and return to the City.

For AdvancePAY Direct Debits, complete the form on this page.

For general direct debits complete the Direct Debit Request form.

Rates – AdvancePAY Direct Debit Request online form

Rates – Direct Debit Request (in full, instalments or special arrangement)

Use this online form to authorise the City of Joondalup to arrange for funds to be debited from your bank account for payment of your rates account.

Please note Direct Debit via Credit Card is only for the Full Payment and Instalment Options.

To complete this form, you will need your Property Number from your rates notice and the BSB and account number of your nominated bank account from which money will be debited.

If you do not wish to complete the online form, please download and complete PDF form and return this to the City.

Rates – Direct Debit Request online form

eRates – registration

You can register to receive your rate notices and instalment reminders via email.

View the eRates FAQs

Step 1 of 2

  • To receive your 2022/23 Rates Notices by email, registration for eRates must be completed by 12 noon (WST) 12 July 2022 to allow for processing prior to the printing of notices. If your registration is received after this date your 2022/23 Rates Notice will be issued by your current delivery method.
  • Important:

    • You will need a previous annual rate notice to register
    • You must be the owner of the property and only 1 owner can apply
    • The owner must be an individual not a company
    • The property must not be under the management of a property agent
    • Ensure the City has your current postal address on file. Note: Only the Rates and Instalment notices will be sent by email, all other communications will be posted.
  • Please enter your email address to continue.

Credit card payment surcharge

Credit cards are a convenient way for ratepayers to pay Rates and Charges, but the City incurs a substantial cost from card transaction fees passed on by the banks. As there are many ratepayers who choose not to pay by credit card, the City applies a 0.5% card payment surcharge for all rate, refuse (including any fee for Additional 240L Refuse Bin), ESL and swimming pool inspection payments made by credit card. This ensures that only those customers who pay using credit card facilities bear the cost of these charges. Please note that the other payment options available to ratepayers that do not incur a surcharge include cash, cheque, EFTPOS and BPay.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does the City charge a credit card surcharge?

Whenever a ratepayer uses their credit card to pay their rates (and associated charges), the City is charged a merchant service fee by the banks. The City incurs substantial costs in respect of these transaction fees. A credit card surcharge is applied so that only those ratepayers who choose to pay by credit card bear the cost of these merchant fees.

I have a Visa/Mastercard Debit card, do I get charged the surcharge if I use this to pay my rates?

If you select credit when using your Visa Debit card you will be charged the surcharge, however, if you choose savings the surcharge will not be applied.

If I use Paypass or Paywave to pay my rates, do I get charged the surcharge?

When using Paypass or Paywave or another similar contactless card payment method, the payment is processed via the credit processing mechanism and, therefore, will attract the surcharge.

Why is the surcharge being charged on Rates payments only?

The City currently limits the credit card surcharge to rates payments (and associated charges) since these result in the largest credit card transaction fees, in comparison to other City fees and charges.

If I do not wish to pay the credit card surcharge how else can I pay my rates?

The City provides other payment options which are listed on the back of your Rate Notice. These include BPay, over the counter payment at one of the City’s Customer Service Centres, via Australia Post or through an arranged Direct Debit from your bank account.

In 2019/20 the City introduced a new payment method which allows you to pay BPay using your credit card. This payment method will not incur a credit card surcharge, however, you may wish to check with your bank as to whether rewards points will be awarded for your transaction. To pay your account by BPay using your credit card, log into your internet banking, choose your credit card as the account to pay from and then pay the account using the Biller Code and Reference Number from your rate notice.