Road safety strategy

The federal government is in the process of developing the National Road Safety Strategy 2020-2031 which will inform Western Australia’s recently released road safety strategy Driving Change – Road Safety Strategy 2020-2030.

The national and state strategies adopt a safe system approach which is a holistic approach to road safety. Within the WA’s Road Safety Framework there are five key priorities:

  • Safe road users – supporting positive cultural change
  • Safe roads – building safe roads and road systems
  • Safe vehicles – encouraging and promoting the uptake of safety technology
  • Safe speeds – supporting and implementing speed reforms
  • Post crash response – reducing the impacts of road crashes.

The priorities enable a holistic approach to the road system and how they interact with each other.


School road safety

Teaching children how to be safe crossing the road, riding their bicycle and moving around during busy times at school is just as important as their school education.

One of the most common issues affecting schools and general pedestrian safety, can be vehicle congestion and illegal parking.

The City will meet with Principals and Parent and Citizens Committee members to discuss road safety concerns affecting the school.

Schools can also form a School Road Safety Committee to discuss or resolve issues with guidance from the WALGA Roadwise Program.

The City encourages schools to use the materials produced by the School Drug Education and Road Aware Program (SDERA).

To get a ‘real life’ experience of road safety in a safe environment, the Constable Care Child Safety Foundation opened their Safety School aimed at 4-11 year olds. It has a realistic layout of Perth’s streets and can provide a real time experience to learn vital pedestrian, bike and public transport safety skills. It also uses augmented reality as part of this experience.

Schools can take advantage of this experience and bookings can be made online at the Constable Care website.

Kiss and drive at schools

The City will support schools in the implementation of a new kiss and drive facility if required by using existing parking infrastructure.

Requests for a kiss and drive facility must come from the school Principal or Parents and Citizens Committee and the City will contact the school to arrange a meeting.

Kiss and Drive signs can be purchased from WALGA  Roadwise .

The operation of a kiss and drive is the responsibility of the school and not the City.

For more information please contact the City.