Speed limits

Main Roads WA are responsible for approving speed zones and installing speed signs throughout the state.

All residential roads are 50km/h unless it is signposted otherwise.

Main Roads WA does not support speed signs on residential roads unless there is a speed zone change on the continuing road.

Request a bin sticker for your street or contact the WA Police for speeding concerns.




Street speeding

The WA Police enforce speed limits on the road network. Residents can discuss concerns regarding speeding on roads at their local Police Station.

The City monitors its road network and passes on speed data to the Police if the majority of motorists are speeding 10km/h or more over the speed limit.

The Police will use speed enforcement resources such as a speed camera on that road should the location be suitable.

Please contact your local WA Police Station or the City for more information.


Waste bin sticker request

Please complete the details below to request a  ‘Please Slow Down’ bin sticker for your residential bins and/or your neighbours’ bins.