Barbecues and outdoor heaters

Outdoor Cooking and Heating Apparatus

The City permits the use of solid fuel barbecues, pizza ovens, chimeneas, fire pits and outdoor wood heaters on private property for the purpose of cooking and heating only, under the following conditions:

  • No Total Fire Ban has been declared by the Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES)
  • A 3 metre clearance in radius has been established around the apparatus, clear of flammable material
  • Apparatus is not left unattended when in use
  • Only appropriate solid fuel is used, such as dry firewood, heat beads and coal
  • No burning of garden refuse or rubbish
  • Recommend smoke is controlled so as not to be a nuisance to your neighbours.

View additional information on smoke from chimneys

Fire Pits

Fire pits should be placed a safe distance away from your house and neighbouring yards. In addition, they should be located in an area where no overhanging branches, fences or other structures that could easily catch fire. Fire pits must never be left unattended and should only be used for the purposes of cooking and heating.

City Parks and Reserves

The use of outdoor cooking and heating apparatus, other than City installed and managed gas and electric barbecues, are not permitted within City parks and reserves.

Total Fire Ban (TFB)

Under the Bush Fires Act 1954 it is an offence to light a fire in the open air during a declared Total Fire Ban (TFB) and can result in a fine ranging from $250.00 to $25,000, or imprisonment for up to 12 months.

For more information on Total Fire Bans, including restrictions and requirements visit DFES.