Annual Report 2018 – 2019

It was another big financial year for the City across 2018/19. Take a look back at some of the highlights, including the many services, programs and events that were delivered.

Joondalup City Centre 360 degree view video

Joondalup City Centre is a master planned regional centre with significant advantages for businesses. Key transport, parking, government, education, shopping and entertainment facilities are located in close proximity.

The below 360 degree video view of the Joondalup City Centre highlights key places of interest for prospective business investors. This is also available in an interactive view format.

To find out more about the advantages of locating your business in Joondalup please view the City’s Business investment video.

Joondalup City Centre

Annual Report 2016 – 2017


Changing places

What is a Changing Place?

In addition to a standard accessible toilet, Sorrento Beach has a Changing Place Facility. Changing Places are bathrooms that are secure, clean and specifically designed for people with disability who need space and assistance to manage their bathroom needs while out in the community. They include an adult sized, height adjustable change table, ceiling hoist, peninsular toilet, shower with seat, and space for two people to assist the person using the Changing Place.

This Changing Place contains the following equipment:

  • The hoist is a CHS K440/C450 Fixed motor ceiling hoist (200kg max)
  • The adult sized, height adjustable change table is a Nivano 200kg Change table with fold out guard


Slings (disposable or otherwise) are not provided in Changing Places. If you are unsure about your sling’s compatibility with the hoist provided please contact the supplier, manufacturer or prescribing therapist, or call the Independent Living Centres Advisory Service on 1300 885 886 for advice.

How do I access this Changing Place?

Changing Places will be locked using the Master Locksmith Association Key system. Using this system will help keep the Changing Places network secure, safe and reserved for people who need them, while still allowing people with disability 24/7 access.

To access a key please contact the Community Development Officer or visit the City in person at the Administration Centre.

Additional to the City’s Changing Place at Sorrento Beach, there is a Changing Place located on the ground floor food court at Lakeside Joondalup Shopping Centre.