This Bay Is Someone’s Day ACROD Parking Campaign


Who uses an ACROD Parking Bays? We’ll tell the stories of those who do in the coming weeks.

The City of Joondalup will launch the “This Bay Is Someone’s Day” campaign on Thursday 3 DecemberInternational Day of People with Disability 2020 –  in partnership with the National Disability Services’ ACROD Parking Program and alongside 24 other local governments across Western Australia.

The campaign will bring to life the stories of ACROD permit holders and what the bays mean for each of them. From 3 December keep an eye out for stories focusing on ACROD Permit holders, how they use the bay and why it’s so important that the wider community respects ACROD bays.

Whether it’s stopping to pick up kids, grabbing a quick coffee or “ducking into the shops for five minutes” – misuse by people parking without a permit happens, and this campaign will explain the personal impact misuse has on permit holders.

Check in regularly for more updates and new stories as they are released every week.

For more information call 9400 4226.