Three Bins FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Why did the City implement a three bin system for waste collection?

The three bin system helps:

  • Give residents greater capacity for recycling green waste in the lime green lid bin.
  • Assist the City in achieving the State Government’s waste diversion from landfill target of 65% by 2020.
  • Reduce the environmental impacts of sending organic waste to landfill.
  • Reduce the impact of increasing landfill costs on the annual refuse charge to ratepayers.

What the three bin service looks like?

  • One 140L red lid bin for General waste, emptied weekly.
  • One 240L or 360L yellow lid bin for Recycling, emptied fortnightly.
  • One 240L lime green lid bin for Green waste, emptied fortnightly.

This means each week you will present two bins on the verge for collection:

  • Either the red lid general waste bin and yellow lid recycling bin
  • Or the red lid general waste bin and lime green lid green waste bin.

How the City changed from a two bin system to the three bin system?

The City:

  • Provided a new 140L red lid general waste bin
  • Exchanged the dark green lid on the old waste bin for a lime green lid, which is now used for green waste
  • Also offered residents the opportunity to exchange the 240L yellow lid recycling bin for a larger 360L yellow lid recycling bin to provide additional capacity for recycling.

The roll out of the three bin system ?

The main roll out commenced on 21 January 2019 and concluded in May 2019.

What do I do if my property was missed during the roll out, or if I still have the old green rubbish bin and no green waste bin?

Please contact the City at via email or phone  9400 4255.

How many properties received the new bins?

The roll out of the three bin system will encompassed up to 60,000 residential properties throughout the City’s 22 suburbs.

How did the City swap the bin lid?

During the rollout residents were requested to leave the bins on the verge on collection day from 6.00am until 6.00pm to allow time for the contractor to swap the old green lid to the new lime green lid. Bins that are damaged will be swapped for a replacement bin with the correct colour lid.

How long after I received the green waste bin did the new service start?

As soon as the new lid was swapped residents were able to use it. The 240L lime green lid bin is collected on the opposite week to the recycling bin.

Did the introduction of the three bin system result in an increased refuse charge for households?

Even though the new service increased from a two bin service to a three bin service there was no increase in the refuse charge for the2018/19 or 2019/20 financial years. The fee remains at $346.00 for the 140L red lid bin the 240L lime green lid bin and either the 240L or 360L yellow lid recycle bins.

Why are there three different bin lid colours?

The City aligned the waste service to the Australian Standard for bin lid colours.

  • Red for general household waste
  • Lime green for green waste
  • Yellow for recycling.

This is to aid source separation of waste and for each bin to be clearly identifiable.

What happened to all the old dark green lids from the general waste bins?

The City arranged for the dark green lids to be recycled with CLAW environmental.


My yellow lid recycling bin is full every fortnight. What can I do?

The City offers a 50% larger yellow lid recycling bin (360L) which provides more space for recycling. There is no additional charge for a larger recycling bin. Please complete the form below to register for the 360L recycling bin.

Form to upgrade to a 360L recycling bin


Why did the general waste bin reduce from 240L to 140L in size?

  • Waste audits revealed about 32% of general waste is green waste and 26% is recyclable waste. This green waste and recycling can go into the designated bins leaving less waste to go into the 140L general waste bin
  • A 140L general waste bin will encourage residents to increase recycling and reduce the amount of waste that goes to landfill
  • Some residents may find they require the larger 360L recycling bin, which is available at no additional cost to residents.

I’m worried my waste won’t fit in my new 140L red lid general waste bin. What can I do?

Make sure all your recycling is placed in the yellow lid recycling bin and your green waste is placed in the lime green lid green waste bin. Separate out your soft plastic packaging and return this to Coles or Woolworths stores for recycling. Come along to one of the City’s events where further information on how to reduce the waste created at home will be available.

I do sort my waste however I think the 140L general waste bin will be full before collection day, what can I do now?

The City encourages residents to become more sustainable and find ways to reduce the amount of waste they place in the waste bin. Households who have attempted to reduce their waste but still regularly overfill the 140L red lid general waste have the option to opt out of the 140L bin for a 240L red lid general waste bin by completing the online form below.

Form to opt out of the 140L red lid general waste bin

To opt out of the 140L red lid waste bin and have the 240L waste bin the property owner or authorised agent must pay an opt out establishment fee of $85.00. In addition to the opt out establishment fee there will also be an additional charge included on your annual Rates notice, set as part of the City’s annual budget, for servicing the larger bin – this additional charge may be up to $200.00 each financial year.

What can go into the lime green lid green waste bin?

Loose organic garden waste such as:

  • Lawn clippings
  • Small branches
  • Leaves and flowers
  • Tree pruning’s and cuttings
  • Weeds, sticks and twigs

Can I put my food waste in the new lime green lid greens bin?

No, the lime green lid bin is for green waste only, it is collected every fortnight. Please only place loose organic garden waste in this bin.

Is it compulsory to have a third bin for green waste?

If you don’t have gardens, lawns or plants you may not need a green waste bin. Residents who meet this criteria and wish to opt out of the green waste bin should fill in the request form. Checks will be made on properties who have opted out of the green waste bin to ensure it is not required.