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Booklovers, don’t you hate when the book or audiobook you’ve been waiting for becomes available when you’re not ready for it?

Problem solved! You can now choose to re-deliver your Overdrive Libby holds and enjoy them when it’s most convenient for you.

How does hold re-delivery work?

  • When a hold becomes available, a user will receive a notification and have 3 days to pick up the hold
  • The user can then borrow the hold, have it delivered later, or cancel it
  • When a user chooses to have a hold delivered later, they pick the earliest possible date to receive the title, keep their place in line, and pass the copy to the next person in line
  • After the “deliver later” date, the user will receive the next available copy
  • If a user takes no action during the hold pickup window, the “deliver after seven days” option will be automatically applied as a one-time courtesy
  • If the user takes no action a second time, their hold will be cancelled

Watch the short video explaining the changes.