Waste Service Changes


The City’s waste collection contractor, SUEZ, is continuously reviewing service continuity and pandemic response plans in line with the WA Governments evolving COVID-19 protocols. The SUEZ Operations Centre covers approx. 161,000 properties across the Cities of Bassendean, Stirling, and Joondalup.

With WA now operating under high caseload protocols and the expectation of widespread COVID-19 cases in WA in the coming weeks, Suez has implemented split shift starting times for all collection drivers based at their Wangara Operations Centre.

Collections will commence from 5.00am for a limited time. To minimise disruption, original starting locations have been maintained with only very small number of bins not being presented at 5.00am with the City returning to pick up the missed bins.

This move is to minimise the risk of transmission of COVID-19 between staff interacting in groups at the commencement and end of collection shift. This action greatly reduces the possibility of cross infection within waste collection teams.

Whilst WA is under a ‘state of emergency’, section 74 of the Emergency Management Act 2005 (WA) states “rubbish and refuse can be collected without any restrictions on the time when that delivery or collection can occur.”

The City will strive to ensure collections are maintained as much as possible in the coming weeks.