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The following workshops were held in the City of Joondalup in October 2018.

Marketing – trends you need to know for 2018

Attendees at this ASBAS Digital Solutions workshop delivered by Business Station at the ECU Business and Innovation Centre in Joondalup learnt about the major trends in digital marketing that small businesses should be considering.

The workshop facilitator explained how businesses could engage with their target markets, implement an effective content management strategy, increase brand touchpoints using remarketing techniques, build customer trust on social media and the power of online testimonials.

The workshop discussed social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and Twitter and also provided tips around the use of video and podcast technologies and online survey software.

Growing your business

Attendees at this Small Business Development Corporation Business Local outreach workshop in Joondalup learnt about the ‘growth equation’.

The workshop facilitator detailed the components of a profitable business and how businesses could take measures to improve their net profit. This covered areas such as lead generation and sales conversion strategies, customer retention, understanding the value of sales transactions and the top 10 tips for growth.

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