Your child as a lifelong reader


Why is reading important?

Reading provides an important way for adults, teenagers and children to understand different cultures, the world and themselves.

Research says that children and teenagers who don’t read and write outside of school, especially during long breaks, face a potential loss in their learning growth. This means these breaks from school offer wonderful opportunities for families to help improve reading and writing.

What you can do

Here are 10 simple things you can do to help develop a lifelong love of reading in your children:

  1. Make a date to read together
  2. Get caught reading. Set an example for your child
  3. Create a reading nook or cubby dedicated to reading
  4. Tackle the 2020 Children’s book list together
  5. Go beyond the book with an activity or craft based on the theme
  6. Keep a reading log
  7. Write book reviews for the Library catalogue
  8. Read aloud to your dog. A dog is a reassuring and uncritical audience
  9. Tempt reluctant or struggling readers with audiobooks
  10. Entertain with story time by our Librarians or the authors.

How to help your child choose their own books

Children become good readers one book at a time. So how do you help a child choose the right books? You may be accustomed to choosing books for your children, but did you know that selecting a book is a useful skill that a child can and should learn? Choosing a book independently teaches a child that we seek books for different reasons. You also can help them choose books that are neither too easy nor too hard. Much like Goldilocks found when she crashed at the three bears’ house, the books a child picks can be just right!”

Freedom to browse

Overdrive has a dedicated children’s library catalogue where your child can take time to browse without you worrying about inappropriate choices. Overdrive Kids gives your young reader the power to choose.

No bad choices

Another key to eBooks is that there are no bad choices. Simply return an eBook your child is not enjoying and choose another. Every choice is an opportunity to understand more about reading skills and preferences.


Don’t be worried if you child wants to listen instead of read. Audiobooks are a great way to generate interest in books and it’s been proven that children can listen to stories one or two grades above their reading level. This will prompt them to improve their skills to keep up with their interest. Audiobooks for children are available on all three of our eBook platforms: cloudLibrary, BorrowBox and OverDrive Kids.

Reading Lists

Librarians have curated a list of recommended reads from collections based on your child’s age. Book lists by recognised experts such as the Children’s Book Council of Australia are a great way to choose reliable quality reads by Australian authors. These books cover situations easily related to by Australian children. Browse the list before downloading from the digital collection.