Community consultation

The City is committed to getting community input and sharing information on new projects, plans, services and initiatives. We recognise that what is happening in your neighbourhood is important to you, and we want to ensure that you are given the opportunity to present your views.

Our Community Consultation Policy outlines our commitment to ethical, transparent and accountable community engagement.

When do we consult with the community?

The City is committed to consulting:

  • where community views may inform the development or improvements to a project, plan, service or initiative
  • to identify community needs and perceptions
  • to assist in decision-making
  • when required by legislation or policy.

There are a number of ways that you can get involved, from attending a forum or workshop, to completing a questionnaire or taking part in an interview. The specific details on how to participate can be found within each proposal.

How do I provide feedback?

Each of the proposals currently open for comment are shown below. To provide feedback, simply click on the link and follow the instructions detailed on the page.

At the close of each consultation period, feedback is analysed and reported to Council. Links to the results of past consultations are also shown below.

If you are interested in being notified about future community consultation, you can join the City’s Community Engagement Network which is an online, opt-in network community members who are interested in being engaged by the City on an ongoing basis.

Open ConsultationsOpening DateClosing Date
Open Development Application ConsultationsOpening DateClosing Date
117 Giles Avenue, Padbury – Home Business (Hairdressing) 24 September 2021 24 September 2021
16 Rossiter Heights, Hillarys – New Two-storey Dwelling 23 September 2021 08 October 2021
43 Burleigh Drive, Burns Beach – New Two-storey Dwelling 23 September 2021 08 October 2021
16 Chamberlain Drive, Heathridge – Single House (Additions) 22 September 2021 06 October 2021
61A Lysander Drive, Heathridge – New Grouped Dwelling 22 September 2021 06 October 2021
8A Aurora Grove, Ocean Reef – New Two-storey Dwelling 16 September 2021 30 September 2021
18 Cowper Road, Sorrento – New Two-storey Grouped Dwelling 16 September 2021 30 September 2021
10 Ledge Place, Sorrento – New Two-storey Dwelling 14 September 2021 28 September 2021
20 Shalvey Close, Duncraig – New Two-storey Grouped Dwelling 13 September 2021 28 September 2021


Pending ConsultationsProposed Council Meeting Date
Review of Ward Names, Boundaries and Councillor Representation Levels21 September 2021
Climate Change SurveyTo be determined
Duffy House Site Concept PlanTo be determined
Health Amendment Local Law 2021 and Fencing Amendment Local Law 2021To be determined
Joondalup City Centre Place Activation PlanTo be determined
Shaping your local community — Developing a new 10-Year Strategic Community PlanTo be determined
Killen Park, Duncraig — Landscaping WorksTo be determined
Percy Doyle Reserve, Duncraig — Outdoor Youth FacilitiesTo be determined
Closed ConsultationsCouncil Meeting Minutes
Barridale Park, Kingsley — Installation of Additional Cricket Practice Nets17 August 2021
Draft Yellagonga Integrated Catchment Management Plan 2021–202617 August 2021
Burns Beach Coastal Node Concept Plan20 July 2021
Draft Burns Beach Local Development Plan20 July 2021
Braden Park, Marmion — Basketball Pad FeedbackView Outcomes Report
Ocean Reef Park, Ocean Reef — Replacement of Toilet/Change Room FacilityView Outcomes Report
Ocean Reef Marina Business Plan — Proposal to Dispose of Lots 1029 and 1032, Ocean Reef18 May 2021
Travel Survey 2021View Outcomes Report
Access and Inclusion Plan 2021 — Survey and Focus GroupsView Outcomes Report
Notice of Intention to Levy Differential Rates15 June 2021
Draft Joondalup Design Review Panel Local Planning Policy18 May 2021
Edgewater Quarry Draft Preferred Concept Plan16 March 2021
Heathridge Park Draft Concept Plan16 March 2021
Timberlane Park, Woodvale — Proposed Sports Floodlighting UpgradeView Outcomes Report
Draft Advertisements Local Planning Policy16 March 2021
City of Joondalup Local Laws Review16 February 2021
Destination City PlanView Outcomes Report
Mirror Park Skate Park, Ocean Reef — Proposed Lighting20 October 2020
Three Bin System Waste SurveyView Outcomes Report
Newcombe Park, Padbury — Landscaping WorksView Outcomes Report
Churton Park, Warwick — Landscaping WorksView Outcomes Report
MacDonald Park (South), Padbury — Sports Floodlighting Upgrade18 August 2020
Mirror Park, Ocean Reef — Sports Floodlighting UpgradeView Outcomes Report
Removal of Toilet Facility at Mullaloo Beach NorthView Outcomes Report
Cultural Plan — Shaping a Creative CityView Outcomes Report
Draft New Development Standards for Housing Opportunity Areas24 March 2020
Emerald Park, Edgewater — Clubroom Refurbishment17 March 2020
Draft Planning Consultation Local Planning Policy17 March 2020
Moolanda Park, Kingsley — Landscaping WorksView Outcomes Report
Proposed Scheme Amendment No 110 December 2019
Dog Control Measures — Central Park and Lakeside Park17 September 2019
Emerald Park, Edgewater — Sports Floodlighting UpgradeView Outcomes Report
Percy Doyle Reserve — Sports Floodlighting UpgradeView Outcomes Report
Chichester Park, Woodvale — Community Sporting Facility20 August 2019
Ellersdale Park, Warwick — Clubroom Refurbishment21 May 2019
Proposed Fenced Dog Exercise Area16 April 2019
Shepherds Bush Park, Kingsley – Proposed Toilet Facility19 March 2019
New Planning Framework for Infill DevelopmentView Outcomes
Falkland Park, Kinross — Toilet/Change Room RefurbishmentView Outcomes Report
Blackthorn Park and Parin Park, Greenwood — Park Name Change Proposal16 October 2018
Juniper Park, Duncraig — Landscape Master PlanView Outcomes Report
Coastal SurveyView Outcomes Report
Bike SurveyView Outcomes Report
City Communications SurveyView Outcomes Report
Ellersdale Park, Warwick — Sports Floodlighting Upgrade21 August 2018
Percy Doyle Football Teeball Park, Duncraig — Installation of Cricket Practice Nets21 August 2018
Draft Craigie Bushland Management Plan21 August 2018