Home Business

A home business is a business operating at home by a resident of the property.

There are three types of home businesses under the City’s Local Planning Scheme No. 3 (LPS3):

  • Home Office
  • Home Occupation
  • Home Business

Home businesses must be operated in accordance with the City’s Home Business Local Planning Policy.

Planning requirements

An Application for Development (Planning) Approval is required for all Home Businesses with the exception of:

  • A Home Office.
  • A Home Occupation
  • A Home Business within the Mixed Use or Commercial zone which meets all requirements of the Home-based Business Local Planning Policy.

Refer to the Development (Planning) Application Checklist – Home Business for information on application requirements.

Environmental health requirements

Depending on the type of business you are operating, an environmental health approval may be required. This includes:

Building Permit application requirements

A building permit application may also be required if there is a change of building classification. To confirm if an application is required, please place your request in writing to the City’s Building Services, outlining what the business is and what room(s) in the house will be used.