Barking dogs

Communication between neighbours may assist with solving dog barking concerns before a complaint is required. Dog owners may not be aware their dog is creating a barking nuisance when they are away from home and may appreciate the opportunity to rectify the issue.

The Dog Act 1976 says that a barking dog diary is required from the affected resident. The diary covers a period of a minimum of seven days to a maximum of 14 days.

This information is required to:

  • Support the claim
  • Provide evidence of a dog barking issue.

Upon receipt of a completed diary, City Rangers will:

  • Investigate the dog barking complaint
  • Take the appropriate action based on that investigation.

Dogs bark for many reasons including:

  • Separation anxiety – they become stressed when their owner leaves
  • Fear – nervous or scared dogs bark out of fear
  • Boredom – barking, digging and chewing can be signs of a bored dog
  • Territorial – some dogs are protecting their territory
  • Fence line distraction – some dogs behind a barrier may bark at passers by.

For further information or to request a barking dog diary pack contact City Rangers.