COVID-19 – the Joondalup Journey

These are historically significant times and the City of Joondalup needs the community’s help to record it for future generations.

Local History are collecting material to show how COVID-19 has been experienced in Joondalup. Send in COVID-19 related stories and photos to chronicle the pandemic’s effects on ordinary life and help capture how lives changed. This might include things like working from home, home schooling, pastimes and activities spent in isolation, closed facilities, teddy bears in windows, modified services, pandemic signage, chalk rainbows, acts of kindness, wearing masks and gloves in public and shopping shortages.

Please submit your images, drawings, experiences and stories relating to COVID-19 to the Local History archives through the online form below –

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    Please consider sharing a picture with us that captures a memory from your COVID-19 experience.
  • Please include details such as when and where the photograph was taken, and the names of those depicted.
  • By submitting images in conjunction with this form, you agree to their use by the City of Joondalup.

    I / we understand that this material will be held within City of Joondalup Libraries Local History area and will be available for public viewing and research. The Local History Librarian may accession the material as required.

    To preserve and protect material of a fragile nature and to make this material more accessible, the library may make copies in microfilm or photocopy and / or digital formats.

    I / we, the undersigned, hereby donate, without retaining any right of revocation, the material described above to the City of Joondalup Libraries.

    I / we recognise that this donation will cause a transfer of ownership and that the library will, on receipt of the material specified, have the absolute right to display or otherwise deal with it / them at its discretion.