Garage – approval requirements

The Residential Design Codes (R-Codes) define a garage as:

Any roofed structure, other than a carport, designed to accommodate one or more motor vehicles and attached to the dwelling.”

If the garage is not attached to the main house, it is classified as an outbuilding.

Planning requirements

The planning requirements for garages are set out in the City’s Residential Development Local Planning Policy , Residential Design Codes (R-Codes). These requirements include:

  • Setback from the primary street (street that house faces) of 4.5 metres, and 0.5 metres behind the dwelling alignment
  • Setback from the side boundary of one metre (wall length less than 9.0 metres) or 1.5 metres (wall length longer than 9.0m). A boundary wall may be permitted if there are no other boundary walls on the property, and subject to the height and length requirements of the Residential Design Codes
  • The design of the garage matching the house in terms of materials, colour, roof pitch and design
  • The garage for a single storey dwelling not occupying more than 50% of the frontage

Should your house be located in a structure plan area, additional requirements may apply.

Approval requirements

Development (planning) approval will be required where the requirements of the R-Codes, Residential Development Local Planning Policy, or structure plan (if applicable) are not met. An application will need to demonstrate that the garage meets the objectives, or design principles.

A building permit application is required for all garages.