Green waste bin (lime green lid)

What to dispose of in your lime green lid, green waste bin

Place smaller loose green waste in the green waste bin, this includes:

  • Grass clippings
  • Leaves and flowers
  • Tree and plant pruning’s
  • Weeds, sticks and twigs

Items not permitted in the green waste bin

No general waste or recycling should be placed in the green waste bin. Items not permitted include:

  • Boxes or bags
  • Pruning’s larger than 300mm wide and 300mm high
  • Animal Waste
  • Food waste
  • Garden hoses, pots, garden tools
  • Sand

What do I do with my food scraps?

  • Place food scraps in the red lid general waste bin, this material will be composted as part of the treatment process at the resource recovery facility in Neerabup. The remaining non-organic material goes to landfill.

How do I avoid compaction from lawn clippings?

To avoid compaction from lawn clippings and to improve air circulation in the green waste bin, please try the following tips:

  • Mow the lawn when it is dry to avoid placing wet clippings in the bin
  • Mow the lawn closer to green waste collection day, this will ensure the clippings are in the bin for the least amount of days possible
  • Place sticks or branches in the base of the bin first before adding lawn clippings, this will reduce the chances of compaction and assist air circulation in the bin
  • Store the green waste bin away from direct sunlight.

To find your collection days please use the search tool below:

Online Search Tool

MISSED BIN – If your bin was missed/not collected on your bin day please phone SUEZ on 9350 7196.

For details on where to dispose of other items please refer to the waste disposal guide.

The bulk green waste scheduled verge collection remains in place and residents can still use their tipping vouchers for bulk green waste at Wangara Greens Recycling Facility.