Request or cancel the green waste bin

Use this form to request removal of the green waste bin or deliver a new green waste bin if there is not one at the property already.

Some properties may not have gardens, lawns or plants and will not require a greens waste bin. Residents can request to remove the lime green lid green waste bin by completing the form below.

Other properties were not delivered a green waste bin in the three bin roll out due to property size and may want to use one. Residents that did not receive a green waste bin can request one using the form below.

Note: The City will assess properties on green waste requirements before removing a lime green lid green waste bin.

This request can be made by the tenant, property owner or authorised agent.

To request an additional set of bins which includes general waste, recycling and green waste bin complete the online form.

Find out what can go in the lime green lid green waste bin

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    Please complete these details if the Property Title/Ownership is in a Company Name or the Authorised Agent is a Company Name.