Keeping of pigeons

If you would like to keep pigeons on your property, you must apply to the City for a Certificate of Registration.

Unless approved prior to the City’s Animals Local Law 1999, pigeons may not be kept on a property of less than 600m2. For guidelines to keeping pigeons in the City, please refer to our Keeping of Pigeons fact sheet below.

There is a limit on the number of pigeons that may be kept:

  • A maximum of 20 pigeons (excluding young birds) if you are not a current financial member of a recognised incorporated racing pigeon body, or a registered pigeon fancier.
  • A maximum of 150 pigeons (excluding young birds) where evidence is provided that you are a current financial member of a recognised incorporated racing pigeon body, or evidence that you are a registered pigeon fancier.

If approval is granted, an annual permit fee will apply.

The City may impose and amend conditions on a Certificate of Registration as required, to minimise any nuisance associated with the keeping of pigeons.

Application requirements

  • Plans showing the location of the enclosure in relation to all dwellings, other buildings, structures and fences
  • Plans and specifications of the proposed loft
  • Proposed number of adult pigeons
  • Application fee, in accordance with the Environmental Health Schedule of Fees and Charges.

Lodging an application

Lodge an application online

Or download the application form and submit it:

  • In person – by visiting the Customer Service Centre, 90 Boas Ave Joondalup
  • By post – PO Box 21, Joondalup WA 6919.

Development (Planning) Approval

Development (Planning) Approval may be required for pigeon cages, enclosures or lofts.

Building Permit Requirements

A Building Permit application may also be required. To confirm if a building permit is required, please place your request in writing to the City’s Building Services, outlining what is proposed.