Magpies – Swooping

August to November is nesting season for magpies and occasionally male magpies become territorial to protect their young and may swoop if they think the nest or offspring are in danger. If you are swooped by a magpie, stay calm, do not run and avoid looking towards swooping birds.

To assist residents and visitors, the City encourages the public to report incidents involving territorial magpies which will be added to a register and available on the City’s website.

Please use this information in planning your travels within the City.

The City is aware of swooping magpies in the following locations:



Other information

Date reported

Burns Beach Burns Beach Park Near playspace 7 October 2020
Currambine Caledonia Park Near cricket nets 19 October 2020
Duncraig Percy Doyle Reserve Near playspace/Duncraig Leisure Centre 13 November 2020
Kallaroo Aristride Park 17 September 2020
Kingsley Forest Hill Park 25 September 2020
Ocean Reef Tarolinta Park 16 October 2020
Woodvale Timberlane Park Footpath southern end of park between Delonix Circle and Woodvale Drive 14 September 2020