Community mediation service

Disputes between neighbours can often lead to disharmony, frustration and/or anger. While it is better to resolve issues between the parties openly and respectfully to find common ground or a solution to the problem, sometimes communication can break down or a matter cannot be resolved. In these situations mediation can assist.

Mediation is a dispute resolution method where parties in dispute can meet with an independent and neutral mediator to help resolve disputes and negotiate a fair and workable outcome.

The first point of contact for mediation will be the City’s Customer Relations Advocate, and the process will be coordinated and conducted by the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB). The mediation process is guided by two experienced and professionally qualified mediators.

Types of issues

Examples of issues that can be mediated include:

Dividing fences

  • Erecting a new fence
  • Claiming part payment for a fence erected
  • Damage and repair of dividing fences.

Encroaching roots and branches

  • Overhanging branches into another property
  • Roots that encroach into another property
  • Cutting/trimming of branches and roots
  • Disputes related to damage caused by trees and other plants.

Please refer to the City’s Community Mediation Brochure for further information.