Rates at a glance

How your Rates are calculated?

Your Rates  =  Rate¹  x  Valuation²  +  Yearly fees

1: cents in the dollar set by the City
2: set by the Valuer General

Gross Rental Value  No of Properties Cents in the $ Min. Payment
Residential Improved 60,783 6.0206 850
Residential Vacant 1,357 11.2778 929
Commercial Improved 1,004 6.7042 929
Commercial Vacant 20 11.2778 929
Industrial Improved 391 6.0970 929
Industrial Vacant 2 11.2778 929
Residential – Unimproved Value 1 1.0442 909
Rural – Unimproved Value 2 1.0393 909
Specified Area Rate
Harbour Rise 518 0.71836 N/A
Iluka 1,932 0.71939 N/A
Woodvale Waters 138 0.44365 N/A
New Burns Beach 1,315 0.36047 N/A


Different rate levels are charged for residential, commercial, industrial and rural properties. Rates are calculated to provide the income needed to fund the 2021/22 Budget, after taking into account all other sources of revenue for the City.

What do the different rate levels mean to me?

As a resident

The rate level for residential categories has been set to ensure that the proportion of rate revenue derived is consistent with previous years.

As a business owner

The rate level for commercial and industrial categories has been set to ensure that the proportion of rate revenue derived is consistent with previous years and to recognise the higher demand on City infrastructure and services from commercial and industrial properties.

As an owner of vacant land

The rate level for vacant residential, commercial and industrial land is higher than occupied land in an effort to promote development and thereby stimulate growth in the community. The rate level for residential vacant land is equal to that of commercial and industrial vacant land so all vacant land is treated in the same way.

As an owner of rural land

There are some properties in the City that fall into a rural category. The rate level for this category has been set to ensure that the proportion of rate revenue derived is consistent with previous years.

Minimum payment

Minimum payments are set in recognition that every property receives some minimum level of benefit from works, services and facilities provided by the City. The minimum payment for residential improved properties is $850.00 while the minimum payment for residential vacant, commercial or industrial properties is $929.00. The minimum payment for residential vacant land is equal to the commercial and industrial minimum rate.

Yearly fees

Yearly fees are clearly outlined on your Rate Notice and may include:

Refuse charge

To cover the collection of bins (household and recycling), bulk waste and to provide green waste tip passes. The refuse charge per annum is $360.00. For further information regarding Waste Management contact the City on 9400 4255.

Pool fence inspection fee

City Pool Inspectors visit all properties with pools once every four years. They carry identification and will leave a report after each inspection. The charge for the program is $40.60 per annum. Property owners must advise the City if a pool has been removed from a property. For further information on the inspection program contact the City on 9400 4262.

Emergency Services Levy

This levy is charged to all property owners in Western Australia to fund fire and emergency services in the region. The City is required to collect this levy on behalf of the State Government Department of Fire and Emergency Services (DFES) in order to fund Western Australia’s (WA) fire and emergency services. Further information about this charge can be found on the DFES website.

Specified Area Rate

Property owners in Harbour Rise, Iluka, Woodvale Waters and new Burns Beach are subject to an area specific landscaping rate which is used to provide additional landscaping and park services.