Responsible dog ownership

Before you purchase a dog ensure that you have carefully considered the responsibility of dog ownership:

• Speak with your local veterinarian
• Speak with other dog owners
• Gather as much information as you can to aid you in your decision
• Never buy a dog on impulse – dogs often live to around 12 years of age and some dogs much longer

Owners’ basic responsibilities

• Dogs must be registered with the City and micro-chipped from the age of three months
• Dogs must wear a collar displaying a current registration tag
• It is recommended that a name tag with owner’s contact name and number is attached to the dog’s collar
• Dogs must be on a leash in public areas and near play equipment
• Dogs must be under control at all times
• Pick up all dog waste when out with your dog
• Your property must have adequate fencing to confine your dog

Registration and microchipping assist City Rangers to reunite lost dogs with their owners.