Street entertainment – approval requirements

Street entertainment generally refers to a performance in a public place or on local government land such as the playing of a musical instrument, singing, dancing, mime and acrobatic displays and is often referred to as busking.

The City’s Local Government and Public Property Local Law 2014 contains provisions relating to Street Entertainment. All street entertainers must be the holder of a valid street entertainers permit issued by the City of Joondalup.

An application for a permit can be made in writing and should include the following information:

  • A description of the activity/performance
  • Applicant details including name and address
  • Nature or type of any instruments
  • Details of any equipment such as amplifiers
  • Number of performers
  • A site plan showing the proposed location/s
  • Proposed dates/days
  • Start and finish times
  • Duration of each performance at any given location
  • Information on how you may intend to prevent any nuisance occurring (may depend on nature of activity).

In terms of the types of conditions that would likely be imposed on a Street Entertainment Permit, these may include:

  • A limit of 30 minutes of performance at a single location within a two-hour period (the performer would be required to move at least 40m)
  • Possible limits to the times and days
  • Restrictions on performances at other approved events (such as the Joondalup night markets)
  • A one month period of approval.

The areas that the City is more likely to support a street entertainers permit would be Central Walk (between Boas Avenue and Reid Promenade), areas of lawn near Central Park and at Neil Hawkins Park. The public walkways leading to the Lakeside Shopping City entrance along Boas Avenue cannot be used.

Application and permit fees can be viewed in the Environmental Health Schedule of Fees and Charges.