Smoke from chimneys

Wood smoke is a pollutant that can adversely affect your health as it contains very small airborne particles that can be trapped in your lungs when you breathe. These fine particles can aggravate respiratory illnesses such as asthma and emphysema and affect people who have heart conditions. Elderly people and very young children are the most at risk.

The Department of Water and Environmental Regulation’s Burnwise program provides excellent information to the community on the following:

  • Domestic wood smoke from wood heaters
  • Buying and selling wood heaters
  • Home heating options and air quality
  • Responsible operation of your wood heater
  • The health implications of wood heaters.

If you are having an issue with smoke that is being emitted from a neighbour’s chimney resulting from the incorrect use of a wood heater, pizza oven or similar device, an Environmental Health Officer may be able to assist.