Building permit application process


Once an application has been lodged the City will check to ensure all necessary information has been provided. If further information is required prior to the City accepting the application, the applicant will be notified.

If your application is complete and is accepted, further plans and/or information may be requested following a more detailed assessment. This information will be required prior to the City being able to issue a building permit.

Acknowledgement of application

If the building permit application has been lodged online, an invoice will be emailed to the applicant providing details of payment. Processing of the application will commence once fees have been paid in full.

Following payment of your application fee, an email or letter acknowledging receipt of the application will be sent.

Assessment of application

Once an application has been acknowledged, an officer will assess the application to ensure it meets the requirements of the National Construction Code – Building Code of Australia (NCC BCA), and relevant Australian Standards.

Following a preliminary assessment, the applicant will be contacted directly if further information or amendments are required.


The City endeavours to process all applications in a timely manner.

The timeframes for processing complete building permit applications are:

  • Certified application – 10 working days
  • Uncertified application – 25 working days

If further information is required, the City will write to the applicant. The additional information must be supplied within 21 days or within a timeframe agreed to by the City.

For applications lodged online, check the progress through the City’s eApplication service.

For applications lodged in person or via post, you can check the progress of your application by contacting Building Services.

Completion of building works

Once building works have been completed the builder is responsible for lodging a Notice of Completion (BA7 form) within seven days of the completion of works.