Code of Conduct for Council Members, Committee Members and Election Candidates

The Local Government Act 1995 requires the City to adopt a code of conduct for council members (elected members), committee members and local government election candidates.

The City’s Code of Conduct ensures the roles and responsibilities of council members (being the Mayor and Councillors), committee members and local government election candidates are understood and respected. This enables professional relationships to be established and maintained in the interests of providing good governance, overall integrity and good government for the community.

The code sets out principles and standards of behaviour council members, committee members and candidates must observe and is intended to promote accountable and ethical decision-making and conduct.

The City’s Code of Conduct reflects the code of conduct prescribed by the Local Government Act 1995 which includes:

  • General principles to guide behaviour
  • Requirements relating to behaviour
  • Provisions specified to be rules of conduct.

Alleged breaches of minor behavioural matters within the code (Division three) are investigated by City, through the City’s complaint and investigation process detailed in the Code of Conduct and the City’s Complaint Investigation Policy. The complaint form for this purpose is provided below.

Alleged breaches of a rule of conduct within the code (Division four), is deemed a minor breach which is to be investigated by the Local Government Standards Panel. Further information can be found at the Department of Local Government, Sport and Cultural Industries website.

Any alleged breach of the code by a local government election candidate, can be made at anytime but will only be investigated should the candidate be elected as council member.