Development (planning) application – public comment

The City encourages land owners and/or applicants to discuss proposals with neighbours that may be affected by a development before submitting an application.

It is strongly recommended that an application includes comments and signed plans from the owner(s) and occupier(s) of adjoining lot(s) if the proposed development has the potential to impact on surrounding properties. This will assist in minimising the amount of time taken to process an application.

If neighbour comments have not been received with an application and there is the potential to have an impact, the City may need to advertise for public comment.

Once an application has been lodged and a preliminary assessment undertaken, the City will advise the applicant of any consultation requirements.

Consultation process

Consultation for residential development generally consists of a letter to adjoining land owner(s)/occupier(s) notifying of the development and providing 14 days to view the development plans on the City’s website via the Community Consultation page. Hard copy plans are available at the City’s Administration Building upon request.

Larger developments may also need to be advertised by way of a sign on the development site, and/or a notice in the local newspaper and website. Costs associated with putting a sign on site and/or notice in newspaper are paid for by the applicant.